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A little Testimonials from our trusted customers



To Whom it may concern,

We have been working with ADS for almost 2 years now and could not be happier.  We had previously used one of the larger name companies in the area ADS puts their service to shame.  Our previous service was not customer oriented at all.  We would call for pick ups and it would typically take two days before they would pick up (in some cases much longer) all the while we had trash building up in our facility and nowhere to go with it.  When we would call to ask why it ha not been picked up yet we would hear excuses like; the truck is in route (even though it two more days to get here), we don't have that pick up in our system it must not have been called in (even when they were given the name of the person who took the call with time and date of the call), or my personal favorite, we are very busy today and you are way down the list you should have call us before you needed the pick up (ignoring the fact that we had called two days earlier). When we would call our representative to complain about the poor service we would get the old story that they would look into it but when we would call later to see what they had found in response to our complaint we were told that it had been addressed and it would not be an issue again.  The next time we called for a pick up we would have the same problems all over again.  ADS is also much better on pricing and is even providing us with the dump receipts so when we pay for 3 tons we can actually see that 3 tons is what was dumped.  The interesting part for us is we are still producing the same amount of product, we are filling our compactor just as quickly as we had but we seem to be dumping less tonnage with ADS then we did with our former service and that saves us money every month.  The rental fees for our previous service provider's equipment was much higher, pick up fees were higher and even the dumping fees were higher then ADS, and they owned the landfills.  ADS has been able to almost cut our waste costs in half.  If we need special equipment ADS makes sure we get what we need and is happy to help.  Our previous service was helpful if it were worth their time, if it wasn't they would either say they could not help or attempt to charge some huge over inflated fee. A prime example is with some of our miscellaneous waste (wood, metal, etc...) Whenever we needed a special pickup from our previous service was almost always unable to help and when they did their prices were double or even triple of what ADS charges.  ADS on the other had simply asks what the product is and helps us dispose of it properly and for a fair price.  There have been several times that ADS had not charged us a dime because they could make enough money off the scrap to offset the costs, our previous service charged no matter what it was. I would recommend ADS to anyone looking for quality waste disposal service for a fair customer oriented company.  The larger companies may seem like they know more, might try to sell you with fear tactics, or present themselves as customer oriented but it is simply not true.  We gave ADS a chance and are very happy we did.

Peter Globke
S/R&W Manager



Mr. Synowicz,

North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc. (NSEC) would like to extend it's gratitude for your exemplary work on the EPA Superfund Site in Northern Wisconsin. Your service has been appreciated and we will continue to use your company in the future.  Your prompt services allowed NSEC to complete our project on time and under budget.  NSEC has not found this kind of service with other waste container contractors in the Milwaukee area.  Working with the client and providing quality service is very important to us.  You have a proven record with NSEC and we hope to h ave a prosperous relationship between our two (2) companies.  NSEC looks forward to working with you in the future.

Mark Norris
Project Manager
North Shore Environmental Construction, Inc.


Dear Folks,

Today, bearingall of the negative and complaints have become commonplace in the business world with praise seldom being offered.  This letter is simply to thank you for the hight quality of service which has been extended to us on a number of occasions in the past.  It has always been a pleasure to contact Tony to arrange for delivery and pick up of disposal containers. He has been courteous and professional with regard to making arrangements with delivery being timeley and accommondating to our needs.  As a result of such service, we look forward to dealing with your firm in the future and will continue to recommend your services to others.

Curt Gruenwald
O.C.H.S. President
Interurban Depot Project-Cedarburg



I am writing this letter in appreciation and recommendation for Tony and his Roll Off Business.  For 14 months now I have had 6 apartment buildings to remodel. Tony has always worked well with me in questionable situations, such as box location, or of how fast a box would fill up.  I am very pleased to say that his company has responded very well to short notice switch outs and tight fitting locations.  The company always had pleasant personal to calls and pickups.  I absolutely would use them again in any future projects.

Scott Weyek
Project Superintendent



This letter is regarding our recommendation of Liberty Rubbish.  You have proved to be worthy of our recommendation as you have been prompt and efficient in meeting our rubbish removal needs.  We look forward to the same efficient service in 2004 as we've received in the past several years.

Brian Bigelow
Warehouse Manager

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